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Robin Widdop Interiors was established in 1987 as a small Interior Decorating business.

As an Interior Decorator and trained Textile Designer, Robin has since made her name as “a creator
of unique yet beautifully relaxed homes” and has received great publicity for her efforts.

Based in Parkwood, Robin Widdop Interiors will undertake the interior decorating process for clients
in the Residential Market.  When required, furniture and art will be commissioned to suit a specific
space. Furthermore, carpentry, flooring, lighting and finishes can be outsourced from a chosen team
of suppliers.

Robin’s style of work is charactarised by its calm mix of classical and “current” pieces.  As the
company strongly believes in the personal involvement of the client, each of Robin’s projects clearly
reflects the importance of creating a home that is both  aesthetically pleasing and functional to suit
the client’s lifestyle .
Creating beautiful living spaces - just for you - that is our speciality!